Vic Linden of Fairfax, Virginia, a World War Two veteran and retired carpenter was 78 years old back in 2005 when he suffered a major stroke. He remembers “I couldn’t do anything but eat and sleep. My vision had gotten so bad that my ophthalmologist told me I couldn’t drive and I was plagued by stiff joints.”

In September 2006, he started taking Reliv products and immediately saw an improvement in his condition. Soon, he was walking long distances and working in his garden again.

Vic was a competitive archer for many years, but after his stroke he thought he would never draw a bow again. However, because of the Reliv Vic was taking, in 2007 he competed again in the senior category in a tournament in Virginia. He won the silver medal, and went on to win it three more times in the following years.

“When I went back to my eye doctor, he was amazed by the improvement in my vision,” Vic says. “And I’m hardly aware of the physical limitations that used to hold me back. With God’s help, and Reliv, I’m going to have a good life. Reliv is great!”

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