My name is Helen Murusali, I live in Coventry and I am a nutritionist. In 2010, before I was introduced to Reliv products, I was diagnosed with Myeloma (Cancer of the bone marrow). I was treated but each time I went for my follow up, my blood counts were not one hundred percent.
After taking the products for two months, I went for my follow up and that was the first time after treatment my blood count was in a healthier range. My consultant was surprised but I told him I had been taking Reliv products for two months and I showed him a leaflet. He said, “If this is what the Reliv products are doing for you, I can’t fault it. Keep taking them”. At the same time, I was hit by cancer, I also had blood sugar management problems. Again, after two months taking Reliv products, my health showed improvement. The Reliv products have become part of my life.

Reliv Business Opportunity:

After getting results from the Reliv products, I became an Independent Reliv Distributor and started to build a business from home part-time, sharing my story with friends and relatives. After my first month in the business, I was paid a bonus of £150. It wasn’t life changing money but it got me very excited. I have been employed for many years but I have never been given a bonus for what I do. I kept plugging into the system and I have won three bonuses from Reliv. I also won a millionaires weekend with the company. My highest income with the company was £1,200. I will keep plugging into the system and build my business.

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